Frequently Asked Questions

When is the regular admission offered?

The admission is offered on a quarterly basis.

When is the admission offered for a fast-track diploma?

Students can join the fast-track diploma at any time of the year. 

What is the policy for the duration of the award of a diploma?

The policy for the duration of the diploma is followed by the Qualifi Policies.

How much time does it take to award a diploma after completion?

The diploma will be awarded to the students after four (04) weeks of the completion of the qualification as well as document submission.

Can a student pay the tuition fee in installments?

Yes, the student can choose any installment plan for tuition fee out of the available options in the registration form.

What are the types of fees charged?

In addition to tuition fees, registration and diploma administration fee is charged. 

What are the options to pay the fee?

The students can pay the fee through the payment link forwarded through email. 

Do you offer a Tutoring option for the students?

  • In general, a dedicated tutor is available to assist the students’ learning and the student may ask questions from the tutor through a discussion forum. 
  • However, additional tutoring can be offered on the student's request at the additional cost of GBP 50 per hour. The request can be forwarded to

How does a student access the study material?

  • The study material is available at the Learning Management System (LMS), accessible 24/7. 
  • The student can study the course material at his/her own time space available.  

How to submit the assignment?

  • At the end of each topic, the student can submit the assignment at the given link. 
  • Once the assignment is submitted the next topic becomes accessible to the student.

Does a student need to go through the exam?

  • There are no exams required, it is based on the assignments only.  
  • These are graded by the subject specialists and the marks are visible in the student gradebook.
  • As per Qualifi policy, the diploma is awarded on the completion of assignments and document requirements.